Powerful, Private & Predictive

PLEY is a real-time customer feedback aggregation, analysis and engagement tool that helps business operate smarter.  
PLEY integrates with customer data touch-points using proprietary technology.

Using the PLEY dashboard, businesses visualize aggregated data and customer metrics instantaneously.  See predictive macro and micro trends, actionable analytics and data comparisons previously hidden away inside customer feedback.


PLEY's data aggregation API allows for powerful out-of-the-box and custom integrations.  Make sound business decisions based off real-time customer feedback - no more public surprises.


Gather customer feedback directly and privately.  No more reliance upon Yelp and other public bashing forums.  All data is private so businesses can finally focus on improving real issues.



Tagged and customized data sets provide access to keywords, sentiment, or anything businesses need to analyze.  PLEY alerts before issues arise so you can engage your customers.

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