The backend dashboard is where you and your team will log in to access PLEY®. 
Below we highlight just a few of our dashboard features.  Remember, you can schedule a demo anytime to learn more!


Compare qualitative data across your business with a simple map view.  In its simplest form, PLEY's map view shows you which locations are performing well with your customers, and which are not. 

Compare generic tags such as 'Food', 'Service', 'Atmosphere', or implement specific queries to see more detailed data.


Imagine this: sales have dropped for lunch service on Thursdays at one of your busiest locations. PLEY alerts you that something is out of the ordinary.  'Parking' is getting extremely low scores.

Digging deeper, you find the city has implemented street sweeping during lunch rush on Thursday.  You decide to offer a discount to customers providing free valet parking on Thursday afternoons - meet data awareness, powered by PLEY's proprietary trend analysis.


Keeping customer satisfaction high is every successful businesses #1 priority.  Understand and fine-tune your services and offerings based on real-time, private and direct feedback.

When you see that the atmosphere at one of your locations isn't doing as well as the others - PLEY will alert you before it makes it's way to Yelp as a 1-star review.


Use our integration specialists to implement a seamless system directly with your existing website, mobile app, POS system, loyalty program, receipts and more.

PLEY works with whatever you already use to gather data.  Have nothing in place? PLEY can also help out with that.  Learn more about PLEY's API


Ranking of all your locations is done on-the-fly, so if you want to see leaders and laggards, and more importantly figure out the issues behind the results - you need PLEY.

As reviews come in, know first.  PLEY's real-time notifications and alerts allow for instant analysis.  Want text messages sent to a manager?  That's easy.


Analyzing all your data has never been easier with PLEY's macro data analysis tools. 

Look historically into monthly and weekly trends, and with one click deep dive into daily or even hourly micro trends. Color-coded for easy visuals, PLEY's integrated and proprietary algorithms will show you new insights into your operations.

immediate Text alerts...

Receive real-time alerts using a variety of methods such as SMS (text message), emails, in-app, or computer desktop.

Customize company and user alerts so certain team members are sent notifications only when triggered. Configure alerts settings by tag score, location, review average and more.


Reach out to customers via text messages that get routed to managers (or any custom group at any mix of locations) or message directly through your own proprietary loyalty system or mobile app.

Make things, and watch customer satisfaction go through the roof!