Internal Auditing Tips

We talk a lot about utilizing customer feedback to enhance external quality factors of your business, but how do you manage the nitty gritty details that most people don’t even see? Sure, atmosphere, helpful staff, and user-friendly spaces keep patrons happy, but all of that hard work can break down faster than you can say “order up!” without an internal auditing program to keep the bare bones are in good condition.

Developing a regular internal audit is integral to ensuring business objectives are being met, and that it’s operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Think of it as necessary maintenance to your business. The cost and effort is worth it and essentially safeguards your assets, providing critical, first-hand answers to a multitude of important questions like:

  • Is my location following standard operating procedures?
  • Are my management and operations effectively executing tasks?
  • Is everyone smiling and in the proper dress code?
  • Are team members executing duties respective to their roles and responsibilities?
  • Is food being prepared and served correctly?

In addition to naming baseline goals and practices, internal audits allow businesses identify areas for improvement, which can lead to increased efficiency, production, and big secret here: revenue!

Many businesses skimp on an internal audit or deem it too corporate, but failing to maintain a regular check-up on your proceedings exposes you to pitfalls and threats that can be potentially fatal to an establishment. But let’s ease up on the doom and gloom, shall we? Internal auditing practices not only protect your business from an untimely demise, but they can also help you make it the best it can be. An effective internal audit software produces user-friendly data that is quickly reportable and actionable, allowing your business to make constructive changes as soon as they are identified.

Using PLEY's backend mobile app to input internal audits is an easy way to compare internal data to customer data.