Easy Customer Review Tips

We can’t say it enough--customers are actually doing you a favor by reviewing your services...so why not make the review process as easy as possible? Easy means providing patrons with a clear, simple tool for addressing and considering a wide range of aspects on which to provide feedback.

On your end, easy also means streamlining this reporting system and turning feedback into change. It shouldn’t be an extra job for the customer to report, and it shouldn’t take you months to consolidate tangible goals out of this material. Oftentimes, restaurants will say, “we want to hear from you!” but will link to a sterile/hostile contact page, or worse, provide a generic email address which appears daunting and insincere. Like, “we do want to hear from you, but it’ll cost you your entire afternoon. And we might not even respond.” After all, if businesses really wanted individual feedback, they’d make it simple and clear.

Identifying best practices for soliciting consumer feedback, as well as the most useful platforms for doing so, is paramount when considering customer retention, brand identity, and the tiring but all-important hustle of constantly outdoing yourself. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes--faced with a vague, umbrella prompt like “How was your dining experience with us?” you are more likely to freeze up, forget important details, and provide an equally-vague answer that is ultimately unhelpful feedback. Identifying specific areas where you can receive feedback--everything from the quality of ambient lighting to the layout of the space--and providing space for simple reactions simplifies the process of receiving and implementing feedback into actionable, efficient data. Instead of prompting guests to write a paragraph that someone will have to sift through, provide a checklist where folks can fill in corresponding bubbles, or icons they can click on. Solutions like this turn feelings into data. They turn feedback into action. Good restaurants into great restaurants. Water into wine. You get the idea.

This isn’t only good news for you and your brand. When given a simple way to provide feedback, everyone wins. Customers feel like they are part of the process. When their voice is heard, they know that your brand wants more from them than cash, and it’s this personal touch that builds loyalty, and sets one artisan build-your-own pizza joint apart from the next.

If you want to simplify this process even further, you should check out PLEY--a one-stop, customizable software dashboard that is basically everything that you’ve ever wanted in a feedback tool. Unlike those other formats that are heavy on text and light on solutions, PLEY allows you to visualize aggregated data displays instantaneously, making predictive analytics, actionable insights, and data comparisons that were previously unquantifiable by consumer reviews.

This means that you can chart the impact of your Tuesday taco hashtag campaign, find out what folks really think of your new cushions, decide if it’s worth it to start carrying almond milk--this is a Magic 8 Ball for your business. You won’t need to convince managers or investors with a lengthy pitch--simply show them the data. Spend less time in weird Google search spirals, and more time listening to your customers. In an industry where pleasing your patrons can sometimes feel impossible, pleasing everyone has never been so easy. With all that time your consumers save with your user-friendly feedback platform, they’ll spend more time enjoying your services. You can see the positive cycle, right?